Sexual abuse has been a common issue these days not only here in Australia, but in other countries round the world. The most common victims are women and children. Imagine how devastating it could be to a child being a victim of sexual violence.

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Normally, anyone who suffered from child sexual abuse struggle and are devastated by negative emotions, especially shame. The level of fear or trauma inflicted to each victim defines the kind of life they may live in the not too distant future. The sad part about this is that it is still very difficult to live a normal life without traces and glimpses of shame even though everyone from friends, relatives, and family know that it is not the victim’s fault.

The saddest part about being sexually abused is that they think that there is no one to be blamed for what had happened to them but themselves. This is a troubling but realistic theme among survivors. These victims feel extreme regret for the abusive experience. Trauma is actually an instinctive type of response, but on the other hand shame is different. It can be prevented and every victim of child sexual abuse should not be abandoned to feel that way.

Sexual abuse may come in different form. And on the side of the victim, the level of shame depends on the gravity or severity of the abuse done to her or him. To cope up with the incident, victims normally maintain silence. This may seem to help, but it actually worsens the trauma. When survivors do not share their stories of abuse with other people, they also fail to heal and recover. Who gets the worst abuse are the children.

Just recently in Perth, a 66-year-old man has been found guilty of sexually abusing children in his care 40 years ago. Read more at: https://www.smh.com.au/national/western-australia/man-found-guilty-of-sexually-abusing-children-at-perth-hostel-20180531-p4zilw.html

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